Emergency Orthodontic Care

Orthodontic emergencies encompass much more than broken wires and brackets. Sores, irritations and dental trauma should be treated as emergencies, as they can jeopardize the overall care and success of your treatment. If you ever suspect that something is wrong with your braces, you should schedule an emergency appointment with Dr. Stephen Grussmark.

What to do When Your Wire or Bracket Brakes

The brackets on your braces hold the wire in place. Adhered to the front of your teeth with dental cement, they anchor the wire in position so that it can work to straighten your teeth and jaw. However, the brackets can break or become dislodged after a sports accident, biting hard food, or deterioration from acidic food and drinks.

If you cannot see Dr. Stephen Grussmark right away, move the bracket to the center of the tooth. Schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible.

Soreness and Mouth Sores

Most patients experience a  bit of soreness in the first few days or weeks after braces are installed and after each tightening. If your soreness worsens or does not get better, please contact our Miami office.

Mouth sores can occur as your cheeks or tongue rub against the metal wires and brackets of your braces. Dr. Grussmark recommends purchasing a topical ointment like Orajel and apply this as needed.

Lip and Cheek Irritation

Some patients experience irritation on their cheeks and lips from rubbing against the wires or brackets. Dr. Grussmark can provide you with wax to spread over the site of irritation to prevent the contact from your metal brackets and wires. If the irritation persists after using the wax, contact the office for further instructions.

What to do if Food gets Caught in Your Braces

Getting food caught in your braces is a fairly normal aspect of having them. Try to remove the particles with floss, and if that does not work, an interproximal pick or brush usually does the trick. If the food is proving difficult to dislodge, feel free to contact our office for professional help.

Call Our Miami Office for Emergency Care

If your braces are broken or are causing you abnormal discomfort, irritation or pain, it is important to contact the Centre for Braces in Miami.  Orthodontist Dr. Grussmark is experienced in treating a multitude of dental emergencies. Give us a call now!