Sports Mouthguards for Orthodontic Patients

Are you an athlete who plays a contact sport, and fears breaking or otherwise damaging your brackets or wires? We understand your anxiety and recommend that our athletic patients invest in a mouthguard to protect their orthodontic treatments. A custom one can be made for you, or you can investigate store-bought mouthguards. Take a look below at your options and learn more about why you should invest in Miami braces.

Custom Mouthguards from Orthodontist Dr. Stephen Grussmark

Your athlete’s teeth and jaw are unique, so finding a mouthguard that fits properly is essential to ensuring their mouths remain protected from sports injuries and accidents. If your child has braces, Invisalign or other orthodontic treatments, it may be difficult to find a store-bought mouth guard that offers adequate protection.

Dr. Grussmark and the Centre for Braces team can make a custom mouthguard that fully protects your athlete’s dental treatments. We will take a mold of their teeth with their braces on and then construct a mouthguard that offers a near perfect fit, allowing you to enjoy watching your child play those contact sports they love.

Store-Bought Mouthguards – Ask Us First!

Most sporting good stores and pharmacies have a variety of sports mouthguards available. We recommend that you have a store employee walk you through the different options to help you determine which provides the best protection for your athlete’s orthodontic treatments.


Boil-and-bite mouth guards are popular options for many athletes, young and old. These mouthguards are made of plastic and immersed in boiling water for about 15 seconds, though it is important to check the package. Once the plastic is softened, your child will bite down to allow the mouthguard to mold to the shape of their teeth.

If you choose this option, it is essential to read the directions on the package to guarantee that your child’s orthodontic devices remain protected.

Why Protect Your Braces?

Athletes in Miami are lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine year round. But contact sports are notorious for causing dental injuries, which can  be especially harmful if your child has orthodontic devices like braces.
A straight smile is essential to good overall health, and your athlete should not have to worry about damage to their mouths. Proper protection allows braces to do their jobs without risk of injury. Visit Dr. Grussmark, the best orthodontist Miami can offer, to get your child a custom fit mouthguard.