Traditional Braces in Miami

Perfect Your Smile with Traditional Miami Braces

Braces have long been the go-to treatment for patients seeking to straighten their teeth, and as the saying goes “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Here at the Centre for Braces in our Miami office, we not only offer an invisible orthodontic solution, but also the tried-and-true method of orthodontics in metal braces.

What Are Traditional Braces in Miami?

Traditional braces are individual brackets that are placed on the front surfaces of the tooth, in which a wire is stretched across and held down with rubber bands. Once a month, this wire is tightened across the brackets, which gradually moves the teeth into proper place.

Treatment times with traditional braces can last anywhere from a few months to a few years. This will depend largely on the complexity of the case, as patients with extremely misaligned teeth may require more time to straighten their smiles.

Traditional Braces vs Self-Ligating Braces

StructureBrackets and rubber bandsClip brackets (no rubber bands)
Treatment Time6 months – 2/3 years6 months – 2/3 years
DifferencesMay not fully engage the wire alone with elastic bandsFully secures the wire to the bracket

Why Choose Orthodontics?

The simple truth is that traditional orthodontics just work. Traditional braces have long been successful in helping patients correct their smiles, and is also one of the most adjustable ones. Unforeseen circumstances can happen: for example, if a patient breaks their tooth or loses a tooth while using Invisalign, it may be necessary to make an all new treatment plan to accommodate the change. However, if these circumstances occur with traditional braces, it’s simple for Dr. Grussmark to adjust the brackets and wires accordingly for the changes.

Beware of DIY Orthodontics

While the internet has become an invaluable resource for research and discovery, it has also led to a DIY (“Do-it-yourself”) revolution. Unfortunately, DIY enthusiasts have also taken it upon themselves to try DIY health treatments, including dental work, and this can be dangerous if you don’t consult with a professional. Some individuals have used small rubber bands to wrap around misaligned teeth in order to force them into proper place without the help of metallic implements. This is very dangerous, as it can lead to even further misalignment, extreme pain, or even tooth loss if pushed too far.

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