Temporary Anchorage Devices

Occasionally there are tooth troubles that orthodontics can’t fix. Patients who may have one or two teeth that are far off base, or a tooth that’s longer than the rest, can find a solution with a temporary anchorage device.

What is a Temporary Anchorage Device?

A temporary anchorage device (or TAD) is a tiny screw that your orthodontist embeds in the jawbone above the affected tooth. Once in place, an elastic band or extension is stretched from the TAD to the bracket on the tooth that needs fixing. The extra force provided by the band and your own skeletal structure help shift the tooth in the direction that it needs to go so that it can be fixed alongside your other teeth.
As the name suggests, the temporary anchorage device is not permanent. Your orthodontist will remove the screw once it is no longer necessary.

What to Expect During the Procedure

The Centre for Braces strives to ensure that the TAD placement procedure is as painless as possible. Our staff is well-trained to administer local anesthesia on the surgical site. The TAD is then placed directly into the bone and will remain there until your tooth has moved to the proper place. A small amount of soreness after the procedure is normal, but an excessive amount of pain is not. Call Dr. Grussmark if you experience intense aching after your TAD procedure.

Talk to Your Talented and Qualified Orthodontic Team in Miami

If you’re self-conscious about gap teeth or teeth of different lengths, there are solutions available. Temporary Anchorage Devices have been helping patients achieve perfect smiles for over three decades. Contact our office for an obligation-free consultation today!