Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy at Centre for Braces in Miami

Dr. Grussmark's philosophy at Miami braces practice

We have a unique perspective on orthodontics. After having successfully treated over 15,000 patients of all ages with varied types of orthodontic problems, Dr. Stephen Grussmark has come to believe in one simple philosophy which has served him and his patients well over the years… “Treat everyone with respect and always strive to be the best that you can be.” Our office credo is “Competence, Commitment, and Integrity.”

We believe that you, the patient, are the most important part of our day. We will always spend the time necessary to make sure you fully understand all aspects of your treatment and that you are fully informed at every level.

We are committed to cutting-edge technology as we fully understand that that is the defining element influencing the major changes in today’s orthodontics. We constantly strive to be on the leading edge of orthodontic technology.

Our mission is to provide the best treatment possible within the most relaxed, pleasant, state-of-the-art venue with over 30 years of orthodontic experience.




Perks of Straightening Your Smile with Miami Braces


Orthodontics is more than straightening teeth. An overbite, underbite, a dysfunctional occlusion, a recessed or protruding chin can, in most cases be corrected with orthodontic treatment. Proper tooth and jaw alignment are critical to achieving excellent long-term oral health. Dr. Stephen Grussmark completed his MSD thesis in the area of facial aesthetics related to tooth position – a subject that has always played a very important part with his treatment approach and philosophy.

“We have a strong interest in the facial changes that are so very critical in the diagnosis and treatment of the orthodontic patient.”