Meet Dr. Stephen Grussmark

Meet Miami Orthodontist Dr. Stephen Grussmark

Dr. Stephen Grussmark is a true pioneer in the use of Invisalign. He is a Miami-area native and attended the University of Florida and graduated from the  dental school of the University of Maryland as a Doctor of Dental Surgery and completed his orthodontic residency at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, with a Master of Science in Dentistry.

Dr. Grussmark is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, former president of the South Florida Academy of Orthodontists, a member of the Florida Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association and former president of the Florida Cleft Palate Association. He has taught at the University of Florida for 9 years as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthodontics. Dr. Grussmark is the recipient of the prestigious Harry E. Kelsey Memorial Award and holds six United States patents in orthodontics and oral health.

Dr. Grussmark served his country as a Captain in the United States Air Force and was based in the Philippine Islands. He has successfully treated over 15,000 patients at his clinical practice. In 2009 Dr. Grussmark opened the “Centre for Invisible Orthodontics,” dedicated exclusively to treating patients with Invisalign.

Dr. Grussmark’s personal interests include running, skiing, scuba diving and spending time with his family. He has been married for over 20 years to Lori Grussmark. Lori also attended the University of Florida and is a graduate of the University of Miami Law School. They have 3 wonderful children; Harrison, a student at the University of Michigan and younger sisters; Devon and Camryn.